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I work as Support Engineer in MySQL Bugs Analysis Support Group.

Doing my job I often see situations when people, successful in one of programming languages, have difficultes when debugging SQL. When I write "debugging" I in frist turn mean finding error. There are several methods which allow to make circle of reasons of errors in SQL application smaller. You can easily find the reason for error if you will be using such methods. I would not describe methods of removing the problem in details, because I want to show methods to find the reason for error. Also most of programming errors have more than one of solution and it is up to your programming style to choose one of them. I will only give general recomendations.

I have to note, when I say "error" I mean wrong behavior, but not performance problems, therefore you would not find here detailed recommendation "how to run query faster".

For SQL examples I use MySQL, also there would be some notes related to MySQL utilities and special features. But general recomendations can be used with any RDBMS.

First time I spoke about this topic at PHPConf in Moscow in 2009 year. It was master-class after which I got a lot of questions. Desire to give additional material led me to writing this text.

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